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Destructoporn: 30 Great Jones Demo'd to Death

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Any reports that the old 8-story building at 30 Great Jones Street in NoHo was simply undergoing a partial demo and that the 2 bottom floors would remain intact have now been proven completely false. All that's left of the former screw factory is a subterranean pile of bricks and granite blocks. The final demo took place before the Landmarks Commission OK'd the newly-enlarged NoHo Historic District earlier this month. No new building applications have been filed, so any new construction on this site will still have to pass lots of historical muster. What's interesting is that a look at recent filings at the Department of Finance show that the owner of 30 GJ has teamed up with the owners of the big mid-block parking lot just to the east to create a single lot that's about 110' by 100'. That's nearly the size of the parcel where the super-glam but not-always-popular 40 Bond went up just one block south. So, what will go up on this choice piece of property? Perhaps another new condo? Or maybe those nasty NYU rumors are really true after all.
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