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CurbedWire: Hot Pool Party Crowd, Crunch Getting Crunched

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EAST VILLAGE?A Curbed operative dropped by the "pool party" last evening at the new Robert Scarano-designed, Core Group-repped new development 52 East 4th, looming just a block north of the Bowery Hotel on the swankalicious old byway, and files this brief report: "The party went down on the deck where they'll be installing the (rather tiny looking) swimming pool, but given that the pool's not in and the walls are cinder block at this point, they brought in fake hedgerows to add a touch of life. I will say this: it's the hottest real estate crowd I've seen in a while." [CurbedWire]

NOHO?Say ciao to Crunch and hello to NYU or condos. A tipster explains: "My sister goes to Crunch and last night as she was leaving a class, the instructor was making an announcement that the Noho/Soho (location on Broadway and Houston) will be closed by the end of June to make way for either a NYU dorm or condos. It seems like Crunch had no idea what they were going to do for it’s members that have a membership lasting beyond the end of June." [CurbedWire Inbox]