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Gehry & Ratner Officially Reveal the Beekman Tower

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Today at noon, Frank Gehry's 76-story rental building?the Beekman Tower?was supposed to be officially unveiled (after previously showing it off to locals) at a press conference down on Spruce Street just east of City Hall. The event was canceled in the wake of the crane collapse uptown. At least, that's what we were told. Apparently, some sort of event went on, because both The Real Deal and The Architect's Newspaper have first-hand accounts of the proceedings. The Architect's Newspaper also has the renderings of the Forest City Ratner-developed FiDi building, seen above. No signs of that graffiti logo (phew), and here are some more details on the 903-unit building:

Gehry said that he would have liked to use titanium, but it seems that the wonder material is too fragile for New York window-washing equipment. A six-story industrial brick podium (Gehry said to think “Starrett-Lehigh”) will include space for a 630-student public school for grades Pre-K through 3; offices for doctors from New York Downtown Hospital; and 1,300 square feet of retail, for dry cleaners and drug stores, not Jean Georges and Chanel. Two plazas on William and Nassau streets will be landscaped by Field Operations. Gehry himself is still working out the details of the kitchen and bath designs, and the lobby will be beribboned with signature wavy bits of steel, reminding residents that they are indeed renting a real Gehry.
Rents are expected to start at a gazillion dollars.
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8 Spruce Street

8 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038