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Hipster Groundwork Laid on Broadway Dead Zone

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As we all know, the stretch of Broadway between Madison Square Park and Herald Square totally sucks. During the day, it's nothing but discount clothing stores and cheap electronics importers, and at night, there's nothing but, uh, closed discount clothing stores and cheap electronics importers. And hot nuts. There are lots of hot nuts. Which, of course, makes the area ripe for a hipster makeover! The Ace Hotel was supposed to be the big catalyst for change in the 'hood, with its hipster coffee shop and hipster barber shop. Howevs, Racked reports that by the time the Ace opens at Broadway and 29th Street in early 2009, American Apparel will have already brought some bedhead to that block of Broadway. Folks, you'd better get those Tupac T-shirts and hPods while you still can.
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UPDATE: Unless, of course, the American Apparel store is on Seventh Avenue, not Broadway, like a commenter says. Yawn. As you were.