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Stuy Town Wraps Up Dramatic Week With New Movie Theater

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[Photos: Curbed Photo Pool/Marianne O'Leary]

Everybody's favorite middle class housing project turned luxury rental community had quite a few twists and turns this week. First, the Times exposed what some rent-stabilized tenants believe is a campaign of harassment by landlord Tishman Speyer. Then, the Post ran with a big feature on the massive complex's new-look facilities and all the exciting changes. Now, the grounds are the scene of the latest reveal. Tishman Speyer is renovating a pair of buildings on the Stuyvesant Oval, the grassy field and fountain at the center of the property. At the bottom of each building, the brick façades will be replaced with glass, and Oval Film and Oval Kids will be created?a screening room and indoor play area, respectively. A Curbed Photo Pool participant snapped some photos of the renderings and details just put up on the scaffolding. Oval Kids promises arts & crafts, parenting classes (!) and, naturally, rentable private space for functions. Oval Film advertises multiple flatscreens as well as a larger screening room, a bar area and, naturally, rentable private space for functions. How will the oldtimers react to these latest changes? Depends on if they screen Dr. Zhivago or not.
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