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Bedford Avenue Ready for Its Big Hot Karl

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In other parking news, it's the end of the (short-lived) Bedford Ave. parking lot era in Williamsburg. The lot between N. 11 & N. 12 Street and Bedford Avenue, which had been the home of the Purple 53 and of Zip Cars and a lot of truck has been completely emptied this week. The tipster who send the photo writes:

Notice the blue stack of wood to the far right of the frame, it’s that same pressed board that everybody uses for construction fences, they’re scattered around the site. I bet this site can give Warehouse 11 a fight for its toxic money.The site's alleged toxicity has risen to the status of urban legend in Williamsburg. It was most recently occupied by a paint factory. An eight-story Karl Fischer building with 180 units is destined to rise on the big site, which is next to McCarren Park.
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