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E. 91st Street Crane Collapse Building Leaves Trail of Problems

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Like many buildings where dramatic things happen, 333 E. 91st Street where this morning's crane collapse happened, has left a trail of complaints, violations and Stop Work Orders at the Department of Buildings. Some of them are related to the crane itself, although none may be directly related to today's awful accident. On April 23 a Stop Work Order was issued for the crane (with a notation about "operating crane in an unsafe manner") and it appears there was a full lifting of the Stop Work Order only yesterday. The day after the April order, there was a complaint that the crane was still operating. The most recent complaint came in on May 20 as "CALLER STS THERE IS A CRANE APPROX 12 STORIES UP AND THERE IIS A PLATFORM THAT EXTENDS ACROSS SIDEWALK AND WELL INTO TRAFFIC WITHEQUIPMENT ON IT." An inspector was dispatched and found "no action necessary" and "no unsafe conditions." On May 13, there was a complain that "building construction site is unsafe. Bricks, sand and wood fell from the site onto s/w and street." An inspector went to the building four days later and found that no debris was falling. There are also about a dozen more mundane complaints for after-hours work and noise.
May 29: Stop Work Order fully rescinded.
May 20: A complaint that a crane platform extends over the sidewalk. No problems found.
May 17: Complaint of debris falling on the sidewalk. Inspection four days later finds no problem.
May 16: Stop Work Order on a standpipe is rescinded.
May 13: Complaint that debris was falling on the sidewalk.

May 7: Stop Work Order on part of the site for failing to protect adjacent property.April 23: Stop Work Order Issued on crane for "low boom limit switch & a ceal is leaking."
April 22: An entry that crane "did not pass test load," followed by a notation on April 23 that it did.
December 13, 2007: Complaint about an open gate leading to a 20 drop from the sidewalk. Inspection the next day found the fence was down for surveying.