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A Brief History of NYC Crane Collapses & Other Mayhem

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While we continue to update our coverage of this morning's deadly crane collapse at The Azure, a new development under construction on East 91st, a brief look back. As a building resident told WCBS a few moments ago, "As the saying goes, if it happens once, it's your fault—well, not your fault—and if it happens twice, c'mon, look around."

So what if it's happened at least five times in the last few years? Herewith, a brief history of notable construction accidents, with crane collapses in red.

· Today's crane collapse at 333 East 91st. May 30, 2008.
· The massive Tower Crain Collapse at 303 East 51st. March 15, 2008.
· Crane collapses on itself at Truffles in Tribeca. February 1, 2008.
· Massive Scaffolding and concrete collapse at Trump Soho. January 14, 2008.
· The Bank of America 20-story dumpster drop. October 17, 2007.
· The great Scaffolding collapse of 52nd Street. September 14, 2007.
· The Williamsburg Metropolitan Avenue tippy crane incident. January 5, 2007.
· One Ten 3rd crane collapse at Toll Bros. new development. September 29, 2006.