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Week in Review: Another Crane Collapse, Ham Over Harlem, Attack on Jetsonville, More

As Saturday gets underway, check out a selection of some of the top stories on Curbed this week.

1) Upper East Side: The second deadly crane collapse since March woke us up in an unpleasant way at 333 E. 91st Street. The immediate cause was unclear, but the Azure Condo had built up a record with the Department of Buildings.

2) Harlem: That house hovering over the neighborhood? Oh, it was Alexander's Hamilton's and it's being moved.

3) Chinatown: Two razor blade wielding psychos cutting people up is a way to generate buzz in Jetsonville, but maybe not so good for sales.

4) East Village: The report from the A Building pool party was encouraging: booze and drugs everywhere, plus people crapping up the gym.

5) Williamsburg: There is not only a second tower coming at Northside Piers, but a....Duane Reade. What "cafe" will they get?

6) Stuy Town: Don't look know but there is a full-fledged class war breaking out in Tishman Speyer land.

Northside Piers

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