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Turtlegate: Is 'Myrtle' Burg's Latest Condo Victim?

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Don't look now, but the latest victim of construction work in Williamsburg is a neighborhood turtle. We are not making this up. The turtle has, apparently, been hanging out in backyards near Roebling Street and Karl Fischer Row for years. (Who knew?) This year, it was late in coming out for spring. Neighbors eventually found the turtle, who they call Myrtle. Its shell had been heavily spray painted with the same color paint that workers at the adjacent 5 Roebling condo site use. A neighbor writes:

It is obviously intentional because she got such a sustained spray that it has drip marks. The face and feet, as well. It is the exact color that the excavation people use on the 5 Roebling site to mark elevations on walls adjoining, so they know how deep to dig...Animal torture aside, the former site of the Giant Fart Cloud building, has had a lot of other issues during the demolition process and has drawn 21 complaints. Rumors that the development is going to be called Tartugo on Robeling are totally untrue.
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