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The Atlantic Yards Reboot: Battle for Hearts & Minds Rages

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Not only did we wake up to new Frank Gehry renderings of Atlantic Yards in the Daily News this morning, there was a competing "nightmare vision" of the project as an office building and arena surrounded by parking in the Post. The mini-tabloid war over Brooklyn's most controversial development follows a weekend that saw a rally calling on a "time out" on Atlantic Yards demolitions and a counter-demonstration that appeared to have been somewhat orchestrated by Forest City Ratner, not to mention a column in the Daily News bearing developers Bruce Ratner's name that said there is no such thing as an Atlantic Yards Stall and that the entire project would be completed by 2018. The Municipal Art Society helped prepare the "nightmare vision" renderings that form a dramatic counterpoint to Mr. Gehry's new "festive" Atlantic Yards vision. The Post's Rich Calder calls the possible future "Atlantic Lots," writing that "this vision of the state-approved project isn't attractive - unless parking spaces turn you on." Meanwhile, there is a back and forth over Mr. Ratner's 2018 scenario, with opponents saying that it's "pie in the sky."

This is "Atlantic Lots," an aerial photo of the Atlantic Yards site showing a possible sea of parking where buildings are now being demolished.

This is how the War for the Hearts & Minds of Brooklynites has played out in the press today. Click to expand.
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[Aerial photos by Jonathan Barkey]