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The Atlantic Yards Reboot: Miss Brooklyn is Out, B1 is In

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There is nothing like opening one's eyes to a new set of Frank Gehry renderings of the Atlantic Yards development. This morning brings the death of Miss Brooklyn and its reemergence as B1 or Building 1, a shorter, radical remake of the glass tower that would have dominated Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. In its place is a 511-foot steel-and-glass structure that the Daily News' Jotham Sederstrom describes as "an asymmetrical design that rises like a spiraling Lego structure, edges askew." It will hold 650,000 square feet of office space and none of the condos that were originally planned. Gehry says that he new design is "more festive":

"My enthusiasm for Atlantic Yards has grown and grown until arriving at our current design, which works better with the surrounding area than it ever had before. Miss Brooklyn, now called Building One, has been slimmed down and has become more festive, resulting in a very unique office building."
Slimmed down and festive. React and more to come on the Altantic Yards Reboot.
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