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It Happened One Weekend: The Forgotten $30M Mansion, Hot People Hate Williamsburg, More!

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1) Since buying it for just over $31 million in 2005, Len Blavatnik?no stranger to megadeals both rumored and real?has let the 75-foot-wide mansion at 2 East 63rd Street (right) sit empty and become decrepit. A far cry from the "Roman villa" it used to be. [Streetscapes/Christopher Gray]

2) The strangest part of this tale of how a pair of models came to settle in Greenpoint is that they left Williamsburg because it "had already become saturated with want-to-be artists, and sort of a fashion parade on Bedford Street." That's right, models think the Bedford (Avenue, by the way) fashion scene is ridiculous. [Habitats/Celia Barbour]

3) Maspeth, Queens, long a Curbed staff pick for a neighborhood that will eventually be overrun by development, is proud of its status as a "double ticket" community, meaning it's a bus ride to a subway ride to Manhattan. But be afraid, Maspethians, because after Bushwick and Ridgewood, you're next. [Living In/Gregory Beyer]

4) A look into the life of retail broker queen Faith Hope Consolo reveals that the bank boom may be over, drug stores are the new banks and Danny Meyer may be eying Harlem. Though that may just be a little buzz-building on the FHC's part. [The City]

5) A young couple has their sights set on a starter home in Westchester, so what in God's name brings them to a new construction condo in Jersey City? Surely it's not the $30,000 parking spots. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

6) Stories like this have been everywhere lately, but for some reason, reading about how Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City compares to the real New York never gets old. We hear the Dukes waterfront is going to be huge! [The City]