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CurbedWire: Gansevoort Park Gets Wet, Trump Soho Legalized

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MURRAY HILL?The ubertrendy Gansevoort Park will change the face of Park Avenue South forever, and indeed the under-construction boutique hotel is already making its presence felt. A tipster snaps the above spy shots and writes, "They just hit a water pipe of some kind - DEP shutting off water to surrounding buildings near 29th Street and Park Avenue." [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO?Hey, remember the legal challenge to the Trump Soho? The one that was memorable for so many reasons, including ClosetGate? Well, the Board of Standards & Appeals finally ruled on the matter, and surprise, the BSA upheld the city's ruling that the condo-hotel is permissible under zoning. Writes the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation: "While this is deeply disappointing, it is not unexpected, given that the BSA is composed entirely of Mayoral appointees, and they very rarely rule against fellow Mayoral agencies (such as the Department of Buildings in this case). The good news is this means the case can finally be appealed to an independent court now that the BSA has ruled, and our allies at the SoHo Alliance are planning to file such an appeal in NY State Supreme Court shortly." Yay, more court! [CurbedWire Inbox]

Trump Soho

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