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High Line Construction Chronicles: The Chair!

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[Photos: Will Femia]

The big shocker on our trip up to the High Line (earlier chapters here and here) was the unveiling of the chair. What is the chair? Well, the dictionary function on our MacBook defines "chair" as "a separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs," and indeed this chair meets some of those requirements, but it offers so much more. Like, for example, being attached to the freakin' High Line! No good train track should go unused, so the brains at the High Line have decided to install some loungers on wheels. High Liners will be able to slide them together for impromptu sexy sunbathing parties, or spread them apart for some quiet time in which to ponder the looming Standard hotel. This one is just a prototype, so the final results may vary, but your brain now has permission to explode.
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