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High Line Construction Chronicles: Way Ahead of the Whitney

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[Photos: Will Femia]

With all the hubbub surrounding the reveal of Renzo Piano's new branch of the Whitney Museum at the southern end of the High Line, it got us thinking about our old friend, the soon-to-be park in the sky. Actually, that's a lie. We're always thinking about the High Line, but it was only now that the good people at the Park Department and Friends of the High Line let us up on the rails to get a closer look at construction progress. If you recall, Phase 1 of the High Line?the snaking chunk between Gansevoort and West 19th Streets?is nearly ready for soil and landscaping in anticipation of a fall/winter opening, but it's not until you're led up a rickety wooden staircase on 19th Street that you realize, whoa, Phase 1 is ready for soil and landscaping! We'll present our findings in three galleries, the first of which is above. Later today: a game of rendering/reality and a look at The Chair. What chair? Oh my, just wait.
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