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Superior Ink: Made in China?

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New York magazine famously summed up the canon of 15 Central Park West architect Robert A.M. Stern as "the best nostalgia money can buy," and his Superior Ink project in the Far West Village plays right into that backhanded compliment. The West 12th Street development, a condo mid-rise built on the site of the former Superior Ink factory (which lends its name but not its structure, which was demolished) flanked by a row of new "classic" West Village townhouses on Bethune Street, is now getting its prefab brickwork hoisted into place. A Curbed tipster snapped the above pic and writes, "I was surprised to see pre-fabricated wall slabs sitting on the street on a flatbed just waiting to be 'hung' on the outside of the building. Figured for those prices, the brickwork would actually be done by hand. Guess that's naive of me to think!" Well, the panels will most likely stay in place, a good thing because this building does not need another incident. Still, how Dumbo!

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