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Columbus Village is in Some Serious Trouble

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The Buildings Department may have it in for Columbus Village, the unbelievably huge Upper West Side mixed-use development once known as just 808 Columbus. In the wake of the crane collapse and all the public outrage directed at the department, it was also revealed that some of the blame for last summer's retaining wall collapse at Columbus Village could possibly be placed on the DoB. Now, the Daily News reports that the Buildings Department has given the developers 10 days to respond to allegations of numerous zoning violations, or the site could be shut down. Yes, as in permits revoked. Whoa, are we witnessing the creation of a new ball-breaking DoB? Also, a court hearing is scheduled in two days for a lawsuit filed by residents at nearby Park West Village against the Buildings Department and the developers over the zoning violations, and demanding an environmental impact study. An update sent out by "Westsiders for Public Participation" reads, "This does not mean the fight for public participation is over. In fact, the battle will now become more intense. However, we are now one step closer to achieving the public participation in the development that is required by the law."
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