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Catfight! Zuckerman & Moinian Square Off in Hell

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Office buildings are supposed to be boring?and indeed, the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill design for 250 West 55th Street isn't much to get excited about?but the saga of Mort Zuckerman's new Hell's Kitchen tower just took an interesting turn. Steve Cuozzo reports that engineers working on the new Eighth Avenue building need to get into a four-story neighbor at 241 West 54th Street to reinforce it, but the building's owner?fellow megadeveloper Joseph Moinian?is refusing to give them entry. Or at least that's what Zuckerman's Boston Properties alleges in court papers. According to Zuckerman, Moinian (the tan one) is essentially trying to force him to buy the building and another one on the block for $20-$30 million. Zuckerman even alleges that Moinian told him, "This is how the game is played in New York." Meanwhile, the occupants of little 241 West 54th Street are caught in the middle of this spat between two rich old dudes, and they are freaking out. Said one: "The court papers came in Friday and I thought, Oh my God, it's little boys in the sandbox." Yeah, if the sand is actually shredded $100 bills.
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250 West 55th Street

250 West 55th St., New York, NY