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CurbedWire: Zinc Builiding Gets Stoned, Minerva Mocked Up

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TRIBECA?The Zinc Building is getting stoned. Literally. A CurbedWire Correspondent reports: "The nearly-complete Zinc Building in North Tribeca has a chunk of open space where Canal and Watts Streets converge. Perfect place for a patch of green, right? Nah, Canal Street traffic fumes would probably just kill it. So presto! A mini-plaza rock thingy. But are the stones made of zinc?" [CurbedWire Staff]

GREENWOOD HEIGHTS?It has been a long time since the fight over preserving the view from the statue of Minerva in Green-Wood cemetery was decided in Greenwood Heights and a view-blocking Robert Scarano building was rejected. Tomorrow, there's going to be a "building mock-up test" to demonstrate that a new building at Seventh Avenue and 23rd Street won't block the view between Minerva and the Statue of Liberty. Per a press release: "The test involves use of a bucket truck that will lift workmen more than 40 feet in the air at the site of the planned condo construction." Everyone can check out the view in the cemetery to make sure it won't be blocked. The Minerva statue commemorates the Battle of Brooklyn. [CurbedWire Inbox]