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East Village's Tower of Toys Can Be Picked Off at Any Time

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That public tribute planned on Sunday for late artist Eddie Boros' Tower of Toys sculpture in the community garden on Avenue B and East 6th Street? The neighborhood fixture may not even make it that long. Vanishing New York follows up on yesterday's news that the Parks Department will dismantle and remove the five-story pile with an update that claims city officials can send over a cherry-picker at any time and don't need to notify the garden. There is some hope that they will let 10 feet of the community curiosity remain, and in fact the garden voted to let the Parks Department haul away the sculpture after they failed to find a museum-backed taker for the unsturdy art. The celebration is still planned for 7-9pm on Sunday, but if there's nothing left, that would be a little awkward, wouldn't it? According to VNY's source, "Eddie himself said he didn't care what happened to the sculpture after he was gone. He said he didn't care if it was torn down." But a whole lot of other people do.
· Toy Tower Update [Vanishing New York]

[Photo via Flickr/JulieFrick]