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Ask Curbed: The Little Ones Upstairs Are Making Me Insane

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Here's one from the Ask Curbed Inbox to which more than a few readers may be able to relate. It concerns an upstairs neighbor with, uh, lively little ones:

My upstairs neighbor in Queens recently "acquired" a wife and two young children (2 and 3) that have a habit of running laps around the house, riding toys, bouncing balls, and doing something that sounds like moving furniture. Now, children will be children, but this seems to occur between 11am and 4am every week night, effectively making it impossible for me to go to sleep (even with wax earplugs). I've spoken with the neighbors three times, but little to no change in activity seems to occur. The tenant always implies that he will be getting carpet, but never seems to get around to it. How do I solve this problem? Small claims court? 311? Community board?Answers and observations ahead in the comments section.
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