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Demolition Underway at 123 Third Avenue

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At the corner of Third Avenue and 14th Street in the uppermost reaches of the East Village, demolition is underway to clear space for an 18-story apartment building. The Toll Brothers' One Ten 3rd made this block safe for fancypants development, and it looks like this new building will head in that direction as well. According to the approved building permit, the developer is Andrew Bradfield's Orange Management (of No. 22 Renwick), and indeed their website now carries a small teaser image of 123 Third Avenue. The architect is Perkins Eastman. The building will have 45 units and a retail tenant on the ground floor, which we've covered before. The Winick listing for the retail space now says that the space has been leased, most likely not to any of the previous tenants on this corner, a list that includes a deli, tanning salon, the grungiest juice bar ever and a seedy upstairs porn shop.
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No. 22 Renwick

22 Renwick Street, New York, NY

123 Third Avenue

123 Third Avenue, New York, NY