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The McKibbin Bushwick Hipster Life Memorialized

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Ah, McKibbin Lofts. They've finally made it now that the Times weighs in with its take on the Bushwick hipster lofts lifestyle, comparing the scene to Greenwich Village 60 years ago, Soho 30 years ago or the East Village in the 90s. There are the requisite mentions to drumming at 3AM, bedbugs, insanely varying rents, "dog house"-like spaces, "raucous" parties, people pissing in the halls, the hipster and artist, vibe, etc. We like this description best, though, of what one might call the Five Stages of the McKibbin Life Cycle:

After the honeymoon stage comes denial when, say, one gets woken up by someone’s band at 3 a.m. or mugged on one of the tough surrounding streets. Next comes anger, usually after someone hurls a 40-ounce beer bottle from the roof and then urinates outside your door. Then comes acceptance and, finally, departure.Possibly for a loft in Ridgewood.
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