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Lessons From the Boy Emperor: Jed Walentas Speaks

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Jed Walentas, 33, sat down with the Observer's Dana Rubinstein to discuss his growing role at father David's real estate empire, Dumbo megadeveloper Two Trees. It's a revealing interview, and we're happy to see that Jed has dropped the sweater thing (right) in favor of a more haggard hipster look. We also find out that he calls his dad David (not, you know, Dad) and he's not afraid to drop the F-bomb. Also, his office is very messy. Oh, and then there's the stuff about work:

On taking over the reins at Two Trees: "I think I certainly run the business here, in terms of running all the people. ? On the one hand, [partner and college buddy] Amish and I can talk David into almost anything if we feel strongly enough about it. And on the other hand, there’s nobody here with better real estate judgment than he has. And I'm certainly not doing anything that he doesn't want us to be doing." On David's obsession with details: "He can spend three hours with Laura, an architect here, looking at carpet samples. I'm like, 'David, don't you have anything better to do with your fucking time? Like, are you serious?'"

On Donald Trump: "Donald is one of the world's best promoters; does super-high-profile, big-picture, flashy projects; is a great boss; runs a great organization; and is much less involved in a lot of the details." On the Clinton Park project: "We have been working on it for a year and a half now, and we think we're very close to having our ULURP application certified."

On hiring Enrique Norten to design Clinton Park: "One of our objectives there is to demonstrate to people that great architecture is possible in a rental housing project. A lot of people have figured out that starchitects work for condo projects, but I don't think there's been an 80-20 building with this sort of architectural distinction."

On the opening date of Trader Joe's BK: "I don't know. Probably in the summer. They're very slow."

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