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Veniero's 'Improvement Project' Results in Too Many Pests

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Yesterday was a rough one for the East Village, as a pair of neighborhood institutions were left bloodied and beaten by various city agencies. And while we're still confused why the Parks Department would suddenly call for the dismantling of the Tower of Toys after all these years (it'll always be the Tower of Garbage to us), Eater has an update on the shock shuttering of 114-year-old bakery Veniero's. The operators put up a sign explaining the Department of Health's beef with the cannoli and cheesecake mecca, and it's that age-old excuse: "a Capital Improvement Project which has unfortunately resulted in a pest problem." Of course. (The Daily News says the pest problem is "mice droppings," yum.) There's no word if the bakery will be up and running in time for Mother's Day pastry runs, but Veniero's co-owners are hoping for a Thursday reopening. So what's next for the East Village? The MTA decides to run the Second Avenue Subway through St. Marks Church?
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