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LIC's 'Mystery Building' Outed: It's 'The L Haus'

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Long Island City's "Mystery Building," a condo sitting at the foot of the Pulaski Bridge and sort of functioning as the neighborhoods greeter for people driving over from Brooklyn has been outed. The neighborhood blog LIQCity identifies it today as "The L Haus," named after its shape and, you know, "house" in German. (It's the big, green boxy thing in the photo.) Other relevant details/rumors: the offering plan is "about to hit the street" and Elliman will be bringing it to market at prices in the $600-$700 per square foot range. Right now the L Haus is more like the Grün Haus, because the exterior is a neon green. Per LIQCity: "Folks who buy in The L Haus will certainly enjoy traversing the treacherous trail across the Pulaski Bridge entrance on the south side of Jackson Ave to get to the 7-train & Vernon." The steel frame toward the bottom of the photo is a new rental building with 38 units.
· 'The L Haus' condos deliver some spring green to the Pulaski Bridge [LIQCity]

L Haus

11-02 49th Avenue, Long Island City, New York 11101 Visit Website