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Curbed Inside: Peter Cooper Village's Modern Makeover

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Earlier, we took a tour of the two new model units in Stuyvesant Town, the so-called "Modern" style of renovation developed over the course of a year by designers at Cetra/Ruddy for new market-rate rentals in the megacomplex that will be priced slightly higher than "Classics." Cetra/Ruddy also outfitted a 2BR model unit in Stuy Town's brother to the north, Peter Cooper Village, where apartments are bigger and rents currently start at $3,275 for 1BRs, and $4,450 for 2BRs (there are also flatscreen monitors in the lobbies, but Stuy Town buildings will be getting those soon). Factor in an additional 5%-6% in monthly rent for a Modern unit at Peter Cooper Village, and yeah, these get expensive. We decided to break out the PCV model into a separate gallery because it's pretty different than Stuy Town's housing stock. For example, the bedroom above. That's a king size bed in there, and there's still room for a sitting area, additional furniture and the shame you're harboring because your rent-stabilized neighbors are probably paying 1/10th of what you are. But they won't be getting the custom sconces! Have a looksie.
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