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Minerva Gets Mocked Up in Greenwood Heights

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One of the odder real estate events in recent memory took place in Greenwood Heights this morning when there was a "mock up" to see if new buildings that will rise on one of Brooklyn's most controversial development sites will block the view of Green-Wood Cemetery's Statue of Minerva. With cemetery officials and reporters looking on, worker went up 40 feet in a cherry picker to prove that 11 new four-story town homes won't block the view of the Statue of Liberty from Minerva. The former Robert Scarano building that would have risen on the site at Seventh Avenue and 23rd Street (and blocked the view) was the subject of a bitter and protracted fight. Aaron Brashear of Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights emails that "It was a successful mock up...Green-Wood's architect gave the AOK...It's obviously not a perfect situation, but a good-faith effort by the new developer Park Builders Group that made it happen through working a redesign with Green-Wood's architect. Now, we can move onto the next stage of the development that's now 4 years and running."

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