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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) State O' the Market: Buyers Have the Ball? (117 Comments)
"Exacly when is the "right time" to buy? Anyone with that kind of information would be worth a billion dollars. The right time to buy is when you can afford something."
2) Annual Rent War Theater Lacks Drama This Year (77 Comments)
"The mythical 'little guy' landlord getting screwed by rent stabilization is almost as common as the fabled upper west side Richie Rich who lives in a $300-a-month apartment on CPW."
3) Rent-Stabilzation War: Tenants Strike Back (74 Comments)
"This is the battle for the future of New York. The bitter rent stabbers, hangers on from the past vs. forward looking hedge funds daring to invest to improve New York real estate and liberate the City and its property from the collectivist mindset."
4) LIC's 'Mystery Building' Outed: It's the L Haus (70 Comments)
"I rent in LIC and don't understand a lot of these new condo either. I like the hunters point area and Vernon, but once you go futher back into queens, there's not a lot going on."