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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Early Action on East End

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Location: 170 East End Avenue
Asking: $2,500,000

We're a day late on revealing the listing for this week's PriceSpotter, but c'mon people?the freaking Hudson Yards fell apart! Anyhowsers, we knew the location and outright luxuryosity of this new condo pretty much made it a giveaway, but most people were good about not looking it up. A lot of the guesses were in the $2-$2.5 range, and the first correct answer (but was it clean?) was a guest named Mike at #7. This condo closed less than two months ago for $1.7 million. Aggressive!
· Listing: 170 East End Avenue [Olshan Realty]
· Curbed PriceSpotter: Early Action on East End [Curbed]

170 East End Ave

170 East End Ave, New York, NY