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Pier A is Really, Really Going to Happen. Promise.

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The long promised, long delayed (does 30 years qualify as "long"?) Pier A redo appears to actually be moving forward as promised, with vows being uttered by the Chair of the Battery Park City Authority that "We will not fail." The authority took over the lease last year and is signing a new 49-year, rent-free lease. The rotting hulk is supposed to be redone as "a hub for tourists" who would get on Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ferries there and, of course, be able to buy Big Apple coffee mugs in new shops and have a cold one at a TGIF's or something like it. Downtown Express reports there's an actual schedule for the project. Divers have been under the pier checking it ou and there's supposed to be a "conceptual framework" for the project by August and a final design by next May. They're saying the pier could be ready by 2011. Unless, of course, a change in city administration sinks the plan.
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Pier A

4 Battery Place, New York, NY