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Inside the A Building: Welcome to 'Dormandy South'

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If any new condo building deserves a reality TV show, it's the A Building in the East Village. Quietly nestled on 13th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A, the Cetra/Ruddy-designed Curbed obsession seems to be entirely populated by pretty young things who, come summer, will all be partying up a storm on the communal roof deck?with its lounge chairs, swimming pool and Stuyvesant Town views (MTV, are you listening?). We've been inside the building before, but not since people moved in and the roof was completed. Luckily, a special Curbed correspondent recently took a trip inside the building, which is actually two structures (the other one has its butt on 14th Street) joined by an interior courtyard. He writes...

Had the pleasure of taking a photo tour of the A Building last night. Roof, common areas, and a friend's apartment. Of note:

* The apartment I visited had a punch list posted on the front door. I captured it for you. It's two pages for a small apartment!

* Many of the common areas still have a "construction" feel to them - plastic on the floors, cardboard taped up onto things, equipment out in the open, doors to construction storage areas wide open, etc.

* There's no privacy for anyone in this building, at all. Every apartment is a fishbowl.

* The roof is what really makes this building. There are canopy beds, a grass field, the famous pool, the views - it's all there.

* It's a big dorm. All of the residents are yuppies. Dormandy South (if that nickname hasn't been assigned to someplace already) Last night there were 20 people out for a roof party. Not sure how common that's been so far, but I hear it will be a usual thing.

Otherwise, nothing notable. Luxury condo building, nice fixtures.

We thought we'd kick it off with the punch list, seen above. Does seem a bit much for a brand new building, no?
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