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'Glut of Children' in Tribeca Swamps Schools, Threatens Chaos

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If it's Friday, it must be time for morning reading about schools. First up, there is the growing "glut of children" in Tribeca that apparently can't get into neighborhood schools (PS 234 and PS 89). Per the Times: "Some three dozen children are already on the waiting lists for these schools, an unusual predicament that has surprised parents, setting off an avalanche of outrage on playgrounds, at meetings and on the Internet." The problem isn't limited to Tribeca, but is in a lot of neighborhoods where residential development is outstripping the supply of space in classrooms. The city says more schools are on the way downtown, but it may also deal with the radioactive topic of rezoning school districts, including ones that include Lower Manhattan and (gasp) Park Slope. Which brings us to the morning's second school story: Rudin Management, which is part of the death struggle over the big St. Vincent's development plan in the West Village is working on building a new school at Sixth Avenue and 16th Street, which will be around 2012, given or take. The district in which the school will go has an estimated shortage of about 3,100 classroom seats.
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