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SPONSORED POST: FreshDirect Meals By Chef

Orzo w/Provencal Vegetables & Goat Cheese
Price: $5.99 (serves 2)
About:Chef Brennan crafts a creamy, decadent side dish of orzo pasta that's made tantalizingly tangy with a blend of goat cheese and smooth mascarpone. This Mediterranean flavor medley gets a handful of zippy wine-soaked kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, diced yellow squash and zucchini. Serve alongside grilled vegetables, lamb, chicken or succulent seared steak. [ORDER]

Moroccan-Spiced Couscous w/Vegetables & Dates
Price: $5.99 (serves 2)
About: The lavish aromas of North African spices lift this savory side dish beyond microwave expectations. Chef Brennan seasons whole-wheat couscous with rich Moroccan flavors, crowning this jewel among side dishes with chickpeas, green zucchini, medjool dates and roasted winter squash. Serve alongside lamb, fish or chicken for a classic North African feast. [ORDER]

Wild Yellowfin Tuna Steak w/Provencal Marinade
Price: $14.99
About: Smooth, dense, mild yellowfin makes a charming companion to the bright, herbaceous aromas and flavors of Mediterranean France. We send these meaty steaks alongside Chef Terrance Brennan's tangy, maritime tapenade sauce brings together the essence of tomatoes with lemon, capers, ambrosial aromatic herbs and rich Kalamata olives. Coat the tuna with marinade before grilling or broiling, but do be sure to save some aside for serving as a savory dipping sauce. [ORDER]

Our friends at FreshDirect have teamed up with renowned NYC chef Terrance Brennan (of the three-star Picholine & bistro-fromagerie-wine bar Artisanal) to deliver superlative cuisine in easy 4-Minute Meal packs. We're profiling three of his creations below. For more Meals By Chef, visit