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On the Racked: Prada Not Into Vendors, Ciao to La Pizza Shop, LIC's Retail Revolution, More

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[Photo via Flickr/liliaindj]

1) Soho: Prada is not fond of vendors. Racked reports that "Sauntering down Broadway late last night, we were attracted over to the Prada window by things other than the magical wood nymphs currently decorating the store." For instance, the warning that "summonses will be issued" to vendors out front.

2) Soho: Say bye-bye to the strange sneaker consignment boutique La Pizza Shop, whose logo was a pizza wrapped in shoe laces (it looked like a wormy meatball). Fear not, however, sneaker buyers, it's coming back as Global NYC.

3) Long Island City: Racked has a look inside to very important upcoming LIC retail outposts, the soon-to-open Market at Long Island City (aka Amish Market) and Duane Reade in Queenswest. After which, the world will no longer be the same.

4) Soho: Perhaps the October opening date for the Topshop on Broadway is a tad optimistic given that the place is still "just a big hole."