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Curbed Inside: Jade's Attack of the Pods

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. Got a place for us to check out? Drop a line.

[Photos: Will Femia]

When first launched about two years ago, Jade had all the makings of a headline-grabbing blockbuster. The 57-unit condo conversion at 16 West 19th Street had a celebrity hook (it's the first residential design job by Jade Jagger, daughter of Mick and Bianca), the backing of Philippe Starck-connected developer Yoo, the power of Team SHVO and an interesting gimmick: pods. Pods? Pods. Each apartment in the 14-story building has one, and it contains a kitchen, mosaic-tiled bathroom and closet. The pods come in four styles, and all the functional-yet-icky parts can be concealed by simply sliding the lacquered wood doors closed, creating a mysterious reflective club that happens to be sitting in the middle of your luxury condo.

But two years on, we haven't heard much from Jade, which?given the usual Shvo news cycle?is probably a good thing. Quietly, the building has nearly sold out, buyers have moved in, and the common areas have been completed (though some touches, like the rooftop reflecting pool and soaking tubs, are still not ready). Before the pods are locked away from our prying eyes forever, the SHVO gang was nice enough to let us have a look at the building and its current model unit, a 1,138-square-foot ninth-floor 1BR priced at $1.46 million. Above, you see the unit's black and red "Baroco" pod, all covered up and acting coy. Want to see what's under its skin? Click through the above gallery and let us guide you through the mysteries of Jade.
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