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Jean Nouvel's Vision Rises on West 19th Street

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The hottest starchitect in the universe, this year's Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel and creator of the jaw droppingly awesome Tower Verre on West 53rd, has another killer project on the rise at 100 Eleventh Avenue in West Chelsea. The first couple of floors of the futuristic Vision Machine (or Mashine for our ruble-spending friends) have been poured and the concrete is beginning to pile up on West 19th Street between the High Line and the Hudson River. The 23-story tower will be the shining beacon at the end of this project-filled block, which promises to be the frontrunner for Block of the Year for 2008. Across the street is a groundbreaker from fellow starchy Frank Gehry, the billowing IAC headquarters. The same block will soon house condo-ites aplenty in the 26-unit big 'n boxy 520 West Chelsea from Selldorf Architects and the now-it's-a-big-hole but one-day-will-be a stack o' metal boxes from Shigeru Ban. Smart kids have already started saving their pennies.
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100 Eleventh Avenue

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