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CurbedWire: Silverstein Getting $300K a Day Bathtub, No One Protests Petrosino Square Makeover

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WTC SITE?There's good new and, uh, bad news about one of the "bathtubs" at the World Trade Center site. First the good news: The Port Authority sent out a press release today saying it will complete 90 percent of the excavation and construction of the Tower 2 foundation by the end of June. Now the bad news: It was supposed to be on July 1 but won't be done until August and that means the agency has to pay Larry Silverstein, who recently got an extension on Towers 3 & 4, a penalty of $300,000 a day until the bathtub's done and the site is turned over. The math works out to about $9.3 million, give or take, assuming an August 1 completion or just under $19 million if August means August 31. A Silverstein spokesperson says the developer is "looking forward to expanding over the entire Tower 2 site later this summer." [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO?There are no evil restaurants to install and no bones to dig up, so the announcement of renovation work at Petrosino Square at Lafayette and Kenmare Streets is unlikely to draw protests. The $2 million project involves new pavement and curbs, fencing, plantings, benches and a drinking fountain. The square is named for an NYPD detective killed on assignment in Palermo, Sicily in 1909. [CurbedWire Inbox]