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Ikea Red Hook: The New Landscape is Finished

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Ikea held a preview of its new 346,000 square foot Red Hook store on Beard Street (which is being called Ikea Plaza in front of the store) and mile-long esplanade on the water. Team Racked has full photo gallery coverage of the Ikea interior, plus details about the give aways and events leading up to the "opening ceremony" and log sawing (the Swedish equivalent of a ribbon cutting) a week from today. In the meantime, the 35th Ikea in America has a lot of waterfront access, a new water taxi stop and preserved remnants of the Todd Shipyard that it replaces. It was hard to get a full count of all the benches and chairs that have been placed on the waterfront--where last-minute dredging is still going on--but it's safe to say that a lot of people are going to be sit there and gaze out on the Erie Basin. The retailer is also renting the former site of the Revere Sugar plant for overflow parking.
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