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The Thing That Ate Gramercy Spits One Back Out

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Vanishing New York points out that there's a new rendering making the rounds of 160 East 22nd Street, the 21-story condo building also known as Gramercy's Green Giant, or the Fortress of Solitude. Back in January, the Kutnicki Bernstein Architects design showed that not every tiny walk-up building along this section of Third Avenue was being demolished to make way for this building. In fact, there appeared to be one holdout, following an initial rendering some months before that showed more survivors. Now, however, it looks like a second low-rise has escaped Death Row. There also appears to be an attention-grabbing design flourish right above these buildings, where the original plan called for a deck to be constructed with a gym and outdoor pool. Has that been done away with? Only Superman (and developer Kaish & Taub) knows.
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160 East 22nd Street

160 East 22nd Street, New York, NY