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Mallification of New York Gets a Name: GreenbergFarrow

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Hate the suburban big-box invasion of New York? Blame architecture firm GreenbergFarrow. Well, don't really, because they're all probably very nice people, but the Times has an interesting story on the retail revolution going on around the boroughs, and GreenbergFarrow is the thread that runs through them all. Home Depot's firm of choice has a hand in the massive East River Plaza in Harlem along the FDR, the massive Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market (above), the massive Red Hook Ikea and many more. The paper points out that while urban office tower developers have been going the starchitect route to make a statement, the priorities of big-box retailers have made GreenbergFarrow (who have also done One Ten 3rd and the Zinc Building, btw) masters of the mundane.

And about that 15-years-in-the-making East River Plaza, some very interesting developments. The mall?OMG, Target!?is now expected to open in October 2009. The façade was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Kevin Roche, and to add to that suburban mall feel, it will be wrapped in a steel mesh American flag. Home Depot is trying to sublet its 110,000-square-foot space (as previously reported), and candidates include Costco and BJ's. Holy crap, warehouse club stores in Manhattan? Now we've seen everything.
· Squeezing Big-Box Retailing Into Small City Spaces [NYT]

Target East River Plaza

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