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Astoria Tinseltown Growing, Also Getting Hotel & Office 'Tower'

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It took a while, but nine years after it announced a big expansion plan, Kaufman Astoria Studios is actually going ahead with it. The Times reports that the studio will break ground in the fall on a $20 million building that includes an 18,000-square-foot soundstage and 22,000 square feet of support space. The full plan is closing 36th Street and making a studio lot. Oh, and there's a little something about constructing "a tower that would combine a hotel and office space directly behind the new soundstage," but we're not sure we're seeing it in the rendering. Will Astoria Studios happen faster than the huge $1 billion Silvercup project in Long Island City with eight new soundstages and two towers with 1,000 apartments and an office tower, which is rather stalled right now? In Brooklyn Tinseltown, meanwhile, Steiner Studios expansion is coming along.
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