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Lottery-Winning Doorman Still Can't Afford This Apartment

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It's the stuff Hollywood movies are made of: Hardworking doorman wins the lottery and moves into the posh Park Avenue building he spent years toiling away for. But for 44-year-old Gravesend resident and jackpot winner Richie Randazzo, it hasn't quite turned out like that. While he did win a minimum of $5 million by scratching off a Set For Life ticket, the only apartment currently on the market at 1021 Park Avenue?a Rosario Candela co-op at 85th Street?is a little out of his range, priced at $9.95 million. The 11-room apartment is classic Park Ave. all the way, with a 31-foot gallery, service entrance, maid's room and traditional moldings. The apartment was pricechopped $650,000 two months ago, but poor Richie Rich still can't afford it (and it's not like the co-op board would let him in, anyway). If he had hit it big a little earlier, perhaps he could've made a run at this duplex in the building, listed at $5.2 million but recently gone into contract. Oh well! Also, he's keeping his job for now, so the whole live/work situation might have been a little awkward.
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