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CurbedWire: Jail with Retail Gets a New Friend, Stuy Town Gets Concerts, More

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?The city's proposal to double the size of the currently closed Brooklyn House of Detention at Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street and add retail at the ground floor, has a new friend. There's already one group fighting the plan and a new one called Stop BHOD is starting up. They email to say "The members of this Association strongly believe that the City's plan to expand and open Brooklyn House of Detention (BHOD) represents bad public policy." The group isn't worried about Nike setting up shop, but takes issue with the city spending "$500 million on an obsolete jail that will threaten the remarkable revitalization of Downtown Brookyn." They argue the city should sell or lease the site for development. And, they cite "inhumane" conditions at the jail, which were the subject of much litigation before it closed. [CurbedWire Inbox]

STUY TOWN?Of course, the Oval at Stuy Town is getting a summer concert series sponsored by Verizon (gotta recruit those FiOS customers!). Music on the Oval is billed, per the press release that arrived this morning, as "a unique outdoor summer concert series" that "will bring the sweet sounds of samba, rock, funk, jazz, and reggae to Stuyvesant Town." Music on the Oval is every Wednesday nights starting at 6pm. This is not to be confused with the movie theater. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?There is some building activity, per a reader email: "Vacant lot behind my apartment and located on 133 between broadway and amsterdam seems to be getting built on, clearing the grounds and put up wooden wall around perimeter but no idea what is being built... backhoe there currently on the grounds." [CurbedWire Inbox]