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Reports of the Demise of Hotel Walentas Are Exaggerated

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A week ago, a tipster pointed out that developer Jed Walentas had filed an application to convert an old industrial building at N. 11 & Wythe Avenue in the Burg to a hotel. Today, reports are circulating that the hotel has already been "rejected" by the Department of Buildings. Hotel Walentas, we hardly knew ye! Err, not exactly. Indeed, the applications are marked as "disapproved," but building plans (at least the ones that aren't self-certified) can be "disapproved" a dozen or more times before final permits are issued. The DOB website, in fact, shows that the reason the Hotel Walentas has been "disapproved" is that some documents necessary for approval (including "test boring" results) weren't submitted by a June 11 deadline for this particular possible approval. (The street tree survey got in just under the wire, though, probably because there was nothing to survey around the building.) So, while it's a little premature to head over to Travelocity to book at the Hotel Walentas in the Burg, it's might be early to say that there's a problem. In other news, room rates at the Burg's one open hotel--Le Jolie--for next week are (please sit down) $399-$429 a night. Le Jolie, for those that are unfamiliar, is next to the BQE on bleak edgy Meeker Avenue.
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