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Curbed Reminder: How To Contribute

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[Photo via Curbed Photo Pool/loveitmadly]

Folks, it's been too long since we've mentioned how readers can help contribute to Curbed, and in that time we've picked up many more Curbed faithful (really!). So, as we head toward what will surely be a very interesting summer, some notes.

Curbed Photo Pool: We rely on the Curbed Photo Pool to catch things we don't, to act as a resource and archive, and to turn up fun photos like the one above, of Long Island City's curious L Haus. The easiest way to join is by creating a free Flickr account (or logging in if you already have one), clicking on the Curbed Photo Pool along the right-hand side of this very page?or right here?and selecting "Join This Pool." Then, you can upload photos and assign all relevant urban shots to the Curbed Photo Pool. We always credit the photographer and link back to the photo. You'll be famous!

Tips: The lifeblood of the site is the tips we receive from readers. We want to hear it all: Demolition in your neighborhood? New condo signage popping up? Spotted a PriceChopper? Dog poop out of control on your block? Construction noise keeping you up at night? Open house report? We can't get enough! All emails to are read, and many get published. Anonymity is guaranteed. We're good listeners, and we want to hear from you. A big thanks to all who have dropped us notes over the years. As you were.