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Did DOB Pick These Two Scarano Bldgs for Aesthetic Reasons?

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[Photos courtesy of Property Shark]

By now, fans of the glorious and always interesting world of Brooklyn development and architecture know that the Department of Buildings filed internal charges against architect Robert Scarano yesterday that would make it much harder for him to do business in the future. The Dept. says that Mr. Scarano improperly divided a zoning lot into two smaller lots for the two new buildings, which are around the corner from each other in Greenpoint. Mr. Scarano is known for his distinctive designs that are sometimes--how shall we put it?--considered out-of-scale with neighbors and clashing with their design. Curiously, these two buildings, which were built several years ago, can't be criticized for outlandish design as they're among the most bland his office has produced. The building on the left, 158 Freeman, has had a Stop Work Order since March 2007. It's a five-story building with four units and paperwork was first filed in 2002. The one on the right is its friend 1037 Manhattan Ave. It has 10 units, and paperwork for it was first filed in 1999. Clearly, both are examples of Early Scarano, perhaps, even of the Fedders School.
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