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A (Very Private, Very Expensive) Forest Grows in Tribeca

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When we got our Curbed Inside look at the construction of architect Enrique Norten's One York, we were mot dazzled by the ultimate bachelor's pad being assembled for telecom mogul Michael Hirtenstein. He purchased six apartments in the building for $25 million, and was in the midst of a $10 million build-out (also designed by Norten) that includes a private pool, hot tub and glass shower on its multiple outdoor decks. Clearly, all that time spent scantily clad requires privacy, so Hirtenstein recently began assembling some greenery on the patio that rings his pool. Above is the current view from Sixth Avenue, just south of Canal Street. We hear that more trees are on the way, including some 15-footers, and surely the nymphs will arrive soon after that. So what should Tribeca's new verdant paradise be nicknamed? Hirtenstein Park? Naughtyham Forest? Surewood?

The sidewalk sheds which have enclosed this site for what seems like forever are finally coming down, and workmen are busy getting this glass-and-brick baby ready for a delivery. The final touches are going up on the Sixth Avenue side of the building, near where the grand entrance will be. The glassed-in balconies are ready for action. And now that summer is here, there's no telling what we wouldn't do for a dip in that pool. Marco!
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One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013