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East Village Mansion Battle: 'No Neighborly Chitchat'

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To us, the most interesting subplot of the lengthy battle at the five-story tenement building at 47 East 3rd Street (owners want to evict everyone and create a single-family mansion, holdout rent-stabilized tenants are in court trying to prevent that) is the fact that the warring parties are all living under the same roof. Do the tenants, some of whom have lived in the building for over 30 years, spit at the Economakis family when they pass their landlords in the halls? As it turns out, nope. Yesterday the Times dedicated some major space to the five-year feud, and here's how it begins:

When George Boyd arrived the other day at the East Village apartment building where he has lived since 1978, he found his neighbor Alistair Economakis, who at 37 is half his age, politely holding the door open. Mr. Boyd, a retired telephone worker, nodded and walked through, but there was no exchange of pleasantries, no neighborly chitchat. Yet this encounter was the most face-to-face communication the two men had had in months.

The lack of face-to-face time is probably best for this escalating situation, which is not going well for the tenants but could take another two years to resolve. The Times does note that, "Opposite the Economakis family’s front door hangs a voodoo-style evil eye," so things are still a little frosty over in the East Village.
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